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Chairman Bill Wright and wife Sharon

Message from the Chairman, Guilford County GOP


In his remarks to the Presidentís Forum in 1992, President Ronald Reagan said; ďÖAmerica isnít great because of what government did for the people.  America is great because free people have had the chance and the opportunity to dream, strive and work toward their goals.  Thatís what has made America great.Ē This simple statement reflects the very heart of the Republican Party.  The time-honored principles of individual freedom, limited government, lower taxation, strong national defense and a belief in the strength of the family are more relevant today than at any time in our nationís history.

The Guilford County Republican Party stands by these beliefs and ideals as necessary and essential in preserving our county, state and nation.  These principles are under assault in America today, yet we will stand strong and never abandon what has made this the greatest nation on earth.  It is our hope that you will join us in this great endeavor as we communicate this message throughout Guilford County.

 Bill Wright


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